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Whether you like piano rolls, pre-1920 cylinders, 78s from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s or early 45s and mono LPs, this is your station. Over the air we transmit full bandwidth with uncompressed sound to beat even the fm stations in quality.
On the internet we maintain full spectrum by streaming in the original monaural and not wasting bandwidth. Better than CD quality.
To donate you can send your check to KBRD - 642 Cougar SE - Lacey, WA 98503 or just click the button below.

Your donations are fully tax deductable. KBRD is a non-profit, listener supported 501(c)3 institution.


Archeophone Records
Phenominal music from the turn of the century (20th that is).
Cosmic Awareness Communications
Religious and educational site and KBRD's biggest supporter.
Golden Apple Electronics
The folks who do our streaming and fix our computers.
Hoosier Hot Shots
Creators of Midwestern Jazz.
Korn Kobblers
America's most nonsensical band.
Freddie "Schnickelfritz" Fisher
Great novelty music maker.
Paul Moore's Washboard Wizards
Israel's number one ukulele player.
Olga Symphony
Great old time and Irish group.
Yogi Yorgesson
Steve's tribute to Yogi.
Olympia Jazz Festival
Home of America's Jazz Festival.
Traditions Cafe and music
Olympia's greatest music venue.
Ukuleles For Peace
Midle East children playing ukes.
Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band
Simply great traditional jazz



AM 680 operating hours.
We must shut down at night since the needs of a San Francisco sports station outweigh the benefits of local programming.
January   6:30  4:45
February  6:00  5:30
March     6:15  7:15
April     6:00  8:00
May       5:30  8:45
June      5:15  9:15
July      5:30  9:00
August    6:00  8:30
September 6:15  7:30
October   6:15  6:30
November  6:45  4:30
December  6:15  4:15


Our offices are at: 2827 29th Ave SW Tumwater, WA 98516. This address cannot receive mail.

Mailing address is PO Box 7034 Olympia WA 98507
Telephone number is 360-491-6800. Normally answered by machine. Leave a message.

PERSONAL E-MAIL - Not Kept In Public File
kbrdprivate*** (replace *** with @

BUSINESS MAIL - Kept on Display in Public File
kbrdpublic*** (replace the *** with @)

No attachments. All info in main email. 2 weeks or more in advance.
Local enternment and animal PSAs. We seldom run any other type. kbrdpsa*** (replace *** with @)

We do not accept advertising. If you'd like to be a featured supporter call (360-491-6800) or email for details.

SCHEDULE is now exclusively on the home page

Rhythm Sweet and Hot Schedule (heard Saturday noon London time and Lacey time) is found by clicking HERE


Hopefully our automated Windows Media system is working. If not...

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Our software was designed by Yahoo. So, things still may not work in which case... For ITUNES.
Copy this url Open iTunes, select advanced, and hit open stream. In the box click Control V and you are in business.
Copy this url now go to windows media and hold down the ctrl button and hit u. Box opens up. hold down ctrl button and hit v. Hit enter and you have KBRD on your Windows Media.

Have Linux?
For XMMS click here.

My wife uses her iPod Touch and gets everything by just clicking the listen button. I use my transistor radio and tune in 680. Works fine.